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Capital Projects

Elkader, IA Grain Facility Upgrades
June 3, 2016

It may be hard to visually see, but there are some upgrades happening with the Elkader location’s concrete elevator.

IAS is doubling the receiving capacity of one of the legs in the concrete structure. This will provide 10,000 bph of receiving capacity. The other two legs in the concrete will remain at their current capacity however will have improvements made in belt & cups as well as gear reducer replacements that will make them more reliable.

A new consignor is being installed as well. This will distribute the grain from two of the bucket elevators to the individual silos and grain bins near the concrete structure. The elevator was built in the mid 70’s and time has simply taken its toll on the original equipment.

Hazard monitoring of the bucket elevators will also be enhanced at this time to ensure the safety of operations. Upgraded alignment, motion, as well as bearing temperature sensors will allow early detection of potential issues that could result in a grain dust explosion situation if not detected.

These upgrades are taking place now and will be completed in June. Normal operations of the facility should resume at that time.   

Union, IA Grain Bin Replacement
June 2, 2016

On June 30, 2014 IAS experienced straight line winds that completely destroyed a 78’ diameter grain bin at the Union location. At the time of the loss the decision was made to use the insurance proceeds to construct storage elsewhere given the needs at that time.

When looking at grain capital projects this fiscal year it was determined to replace the bin that once existed in Union. The original concrete foundation was not damaged so it could be re-used once again. It was determined that we could re-build the bin two rings taller than the original structure so it will have a rated capacity of over 323,000 bushels. That is nearly 30,000 bushels bigger than the original bin.

Bin erection is underway and the project should be completed by July 2016.

Some of the original fill and reclaim equipment will be re-used in the process after some minor repairs are made to them. It is a Brock bin being constructed by Mid-States Millwright & Builders from Nevada, IA. Electrical needs are being provided by RBF Electric from Union.

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