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Our Social Responsibility

At Innovative Ag Services, we not only care about our employees, we care about our local communities. Through donations and employee involvement, Innovative Ag Services supports our local organizations, schools, FFA chapters, 4-H clubs, Fire Departments and various community projects.  These efforts are made so that we can become true partners in the communities we live and work in.   

IAS partners with many local public and private schools for facility advancements, career and industry classroom presentations, and help in continuing to improve the education of our youth.
IAS partners with local Fire Departments and Rescue Organizations for advancements in equipment and to support their organizations in their daily efforts to keep our communities safe.
IAS partners with local food pantries to help fill the shelves and lend a helping hand to people in need in our communities.
IAS partners with local high school FFA chapters through monetary donations as well as partnering with students in the fields and classrooms.
IAS partners with local parks and memorials to help improve and support the communities recreational activities and dedications to honored men and women.
IAS partners with many local organizations to help improve the quality of life in the communities we live and work in. Whether it be a reception and meeting hall or a library, IAS believes in the importance of improving our communities.
IAS partners with local Fire Departments by donating grain rescue tubes and sponsoring trainings at our locations. This training and equipment could assist in emergency entrapment situations.
IAS partners with local 4-H organizations in an effort to help support the growth and advancement of our youth, the future of agriculture.


If you are a local organization interested in partnering with Innovative Ag Services, please contact your local IAS store and speak with the location manager. Innovative Ag Services continues to partner with local organizations to support local activities and projects that align with our purpose and encourage employee and community involvement. Innovative Ag Services is your partner in growth!

 For the most recent community involvement projects, check out our News Section.


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