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Crop Production

The Innovative Ag Services Agronomy Team recommends essential products and services to help maximize yield on every acre. We understand that every field is different and requires a different solution to maximize each field’s full potential. Our Agronomy Advisors are trained to use our Innovative Advanced Solutions portfolio to work with each producer on an individual basis to plan, implement and evaluate agronomic solutions for your fields. Our Agronomy Advisors are backed by experienced Certified Custom Applicators and support personnel who coordinate our ordering, delivery, application and billing services.  

Plant Food

Let us help you give your seed the best chance to thrive! We offer macro and micro nutrient crop nutrition solutions at all of our agronomy locations. Our Agronomy Advisors work with each grower on an individual basis to develop nutrient recommendations and crop nutrient management plans based upon their field needs and yield goals. Below is a list of products and services offered through Innovative Ag Services.

  • Crop planning and nutrient management plans
  • Liquid and dry starter fertilizers
  • Crop nutrients including NH3, UAN (28% & 32%), Urea, Phosphorous and Potash
  • Lime (variable rate application)
  • Micronutrients
  • Nitrogen stabilization products
  • Grid soil sampling
  • Custom fertilizer blending
  • Variable rate custom application
  • Crop nutrient application equipment
  • Custom NH3 application

Crop Protection

Innovative Ag Services offers a broad array of crop protection products including industry-proven herbicides, fungicides and insecticides. We provide many custom application services, including pre- and post- emerge row crop sprayers and access to aerial application services. Below is a list of products and services offered by your cooperative.

  • Bulk and packaged insecticide and herbicide products
  • Crop planning and prepay programs
  • Crop scouting and performance evaluation
  • Record keeping
  • Custom application services (pre-plant, pre-emerge, post emerge and aerial)





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