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Customized Seed Solutions

Our team of experienced Agronomy Advisors understands that higher yield begins with matching the best genetics with your soil types, rotations, fertility and crop management practices.  Our goal is to source as much information as possible from our seed partners, and with your input, offer the best seed solutions that maximize yield and profitability on all your acres.

At Innovative Ag Services, we are not brand sensitive; we are genetics and traits sensitive. We are able to discover solutions across multiple proven brands that will maximize production on each acre. We offer on-demand seed treatment and also have bulk storage facilities that are strategically placed to get you your seed when you need it. Once the seed is in the ground using our variable rate prescription maps, we are able to match the right crop protection products and proper crop nutrients that maximize high yield environments. We are your one-stop agronomy destination, providing elite seed products and local expertise to maximize your crop potential from bag to bin!

We look forward to customizing solutions with the use of technology and your experience to help manage your field’s potential. Your local yield data combined with the Answer Plot research trials, Leading Edge trials, Innovative Advanced Solutions platform and your input are all resources we utilize to help you make the best decisions for your farming operation.



Meet Our Seed Partners:




Innovative Ag Services works with
multiple seed partners to offer you 
the best genetics and traits to
help you Maximize Your Success!



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