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Pine Lake Corn Processors

Ethanol production in Iowa has continued to increase over the last decade supporting Iowa’s economy and fueling the growth of the agricultural industry. With the United States looking for more domestically produced transportation fuel, ethanol is the preferred fuel choice for many Midwesterners at the pump. Innovative Ag Services recognizes the importance of renewable energy to our environment and our industry and owns Pine Lake Corn Processors, a local ethanol plant in Steamboat Rock.

Pine Lake Corn Processors is an 80 million gallon ethanol facility located along Highway 20 in northeast Hardin County. It began production in April of 2005 and continues to work on improving yields. Pine Lake Corn Processors has a very experienced management team and staff, led by CEO James Brogrammer, who has 20 years of experience in the corn processing industry.

Innovative Ag Services has a corn purchasing agreement with Pine Lake Corn Processors and originates the  26 million bushels of corn it uses annually. IAS also purchases dried distiller grains with solubles (DDGS) for use at our feed mills. Through innovation and partnerships, Pine Lake and Innovative Ag Services will continue to provide domestically produced renewable fuel to our region.



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