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When you work at Innovative Ag Services you are not only a member of a team, you are a member of a family – the IAS Family.  Our Employee Culture is grounded in the core values of our purpose statement and this family culture resonates at every location. We strive each day to embrace our core values by taking ownership in our safety culture, engaging in multiple training opportunities and fostering an environment of pride all while supporting a work life balance and communicating openly with each other.

Just as your family is concerned about your safety every day, the IAS Family also makes it their priority to ensure that all employees work safely each and every day.  At Innovative Ag Services, we hold monthly safety meetings to help our employees keep safety a top priority.  Our IAS Safety Director also visits locations to audit safety concerns every quarter. Our employees are encouraged to work together to hold each other accountable for every employee’s safety.  IAS has built a culture of zero tolerance for unsafe work environments and habits. 


A part of Innovative Ag Services' culture is that we encourage you to engage in training and advancement opportunities to grow personally and professionally. IAS holds multiple training sessions for both management and employees. We are willing to hire employees based on their character and then train them to understand our industry and their position responsibilities. We also have an exceptional continued education reimbursement program. Innovative Ag Services strives to foster and understand personal and professional advancements.

Innovative Ag Services' employees thrive in an environment of pride, teamwork, empowerment and accountability. Our employees are proud of what Innovative Ag Services stands for and the job that their company is doing. They are empowered to make decisions that align with our values and to also hold each other accountable and work as a team. When IAS employees come together, they have one goal in mind: To help our customers maximize their success and keep pride in their cooperative!


At Innovative Ag Services, we understand the struggle of balancing work and family life. We let our employees know that we understand the importance of spending time with their families. At Innovative Ag Services, we encourage you to spend time with your families; even during the busiest times we strive to achieve this balance.


Employees at Innovative Ag Services can expect open communication amongst their fellow employees and management team. Employees are encouraged to talk with their manager at any moment about work or personal issues. The culture of family starts with this open communication which is why IAS has built a culture centered on it.

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