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Flood Safety Tips for Your Propane System

May 31, 2013  (Ackley)

Did you know that water can damage your propane system? Innovative Ag Services would like to keep all of our propane customers safe, especially when the causes are out of our control. Please review Iowa Propane's helpful tips below to keep you safe during high waters.

If flooding is predicted for your area, turn off the gas valve at the cylinder or tank BEFORE the water rises. Do not turn the gas back on until the gas system and all appliances have been checked by a qualified service technician. AFTER A FLOOD, contact a qualified service technician to check your propane system and appliances. A qualified service technician will likely have to do some or all of the following:

  • Replace the regulator and/or pressure relief valves if there are signs of water, dirt, debris, or corrosion.
  • Replace the automatic controls and appliance regulators on any gas appliances that have been under water.
  • Inspect and (if necessary) replace manual shut-off valves in gas piping, and perform tank testing of the system.
  • Clean appliance main and pilot burners and replace pilot orifices.

If you have questions or need your system inspected, please contact your local IAS service technician!

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