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IAS Customer's Receive National Award for Top Cow

June 21, 2013  (Monticello)

IAS customers, Don and Glenda Eilers and family, received a National Award for their cow, Zirkmeads Cinfull, who ranked first in the Component Queens category for milk production in the 2012 milking year. This category combines fat and protein production in a 305-day lactation period. Zirkmeads Cinfull totaled 1,087 pounds of protein and 1,991 pounds of fat for the year.

The Eilers family earned several other whole-herd awards as well. Their herd tied for fifth place in the Current Pedigree Index (CPI) rankings and also ranked second overall for fat, eighth overall for milk and tenth overall for protein. In the 10-25 cow category, the herd ranked first for fat, fifth for milk and sixth for protein.

The rankings are compiled by the American Guernsey Association and were published in the Guernsey Breeders Journal for the month of June.

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