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IAS Customer Survives Grain Bin Entrapment

July 10, 2013  (Owasa)

Last week Arick Baker, an IAS customer, found himself fighting for survival as he became trapped in an 80,000 bushel grain bin near Owasa, IA. As Baker went into a grain bin to remove some rotten corn that was plugging a hole, an air pocket sucked him down engulfing him in about 22,000 bushels of grain. He waited for an hour before a truck driver noticed that he was missing and called for help. Emergency crews were dispatched shortly after.

Over 100 people responded for Baker’s rescue including 24 emergency agencies and some community members. Thanks to the high quality ventilation mask he was wearing, a grain bin rescue tube and the specialized training that these firefighters received, Baker was able to be rescued with minimal injuries considering the circumstances.

Innovative Ag Services and the Baker family are very thankful for the hard work and dedication of all of the fire fighters and volunteers that helped save Arick that day. IAS feels that having grain rescue tubes positioned at all of our local fire departments is very important not only for the safety of our employees, but for the safety of all of the farmers in our trade territory. To date, IAS has donated or helped donate 15 grain rescue tubes over the past couple of years and are currently in the process... 

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