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IAS Interns Tour Kinze and Diamond V

July 12, 2013  (Monticello)

On July 11th, Innovative Ag interns were able to take an in depth look at two major players in the agricultural industry whose worldwide headquarters are based right here in Iowa! During our intern’s industry tour day, we visited Kinze Manufacturing in Williamsburg, IA and Diamond V in Cedar Rapids, IA.

The day started off with the interns being inspired by the story of how a 21 year old farm boy from Victor, IA opened his own welding shop with a small bank loan and $25 in his pocket. Who knew that this man, who was the same age as many of our interns, would soon turn that little welding shop into one of the largest privately held agricultural equipment manufactures in North America! During the tour through the facility, we learned that Kinze was more than just an assembly facility. In fact, they make nearly all of their planter and grain cart components. The interns were impressed by what they saw while touring the facility and were excited to explore the Innovation Center which gave them a visual look of how the company and its products have transformed throughout the years.

After lunch, we visited Diamond V which is a global nutrition and health company...

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