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July Safety Topic: Grain Bin Safety & Heat Exhaustion

July 12, 2013  (*Administrative Office)

At Innovative Ag Services, we take safety very seriously. Safety is not something that is talked about once a year and then forgotten. In fact, every employee participates in monthly safety meetings at their location where they discuss the monthly safety topic, accidents and near misses from all locations and any other safety related concerns in an open forum.

July’s Safety Topics are Grain Bin Safety and Heat Exhaustion. As we start or are in the process of cleaning out bins, it is important to make sure that we are taking the necessary precautions to keep our employees and customers safe. With the recent spike of grain incidents in our area, this topic is more important than ever and needs to be kept in the forefront of everyone’s minds as we clean out bins and get ready for the harvest season.

As the temperatures heat up, July is also a great month to talk about the dangers of heat exhaustion. Overexposure to heat can cause illness or even death. It is important to take precautions to protect yourself and those around you against the dangers of heat stress. Be sure to drink plenty of water, find shade and rest, review how to recognize the signs and symptoms of heat stress and have an emergency plan.

Please review the attachments below to learn how to protect you and those around you from the dangers of grain bin entry and heat exhaustion.


Grain Bin Safety

Heat Exhaustion

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