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Innovative Advanced Seed Treatment

January 30, 2014  (*Administrative Office)

Optimizing your crop’s potential begins with selecting the best
hybrids and varieties for your specific fields. Protecting that potential begins with choosing the
very best seed treatment available.

Innovative Advanced Seed Treatments provide industry leading combinations of fungicides,
insecticides, and growth promoters for powerful protection long into the growing season.
Rain, snow, or sun, Innovative Advanced Seed Treatments have you covered.

Benefits include:
• Improved Germination and Stand Establish
• Enhanced Early Season Vigor and Plant Health
• Protection from Damaging Insects and Disea
• Increased Yield Potential
Contact your local Innovative Ag Services sales representative about the best protection available
on your seed. For a consistent, positive return on investment and total peace of mind, choose
Advanced Seed Treatments.

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