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IAS Welcomes 11 Interns for Summer Program

May 20, 2014  (*Administrative Office)

Monticello, IA –Thursday May 15, Innovative Ag Services was excited to welcome our 11 summer interns at an orientation day in Monticello. Even though the weather did not cooperate as planned, the internship orientation day ran as scheduled, and we seen some rain.

The day kicked off with introductions from interns and IAS Staff that was present. This gave the interns an opportunity to meet each other and some of the Staff they will be working with throughout the summer.

Once introductions were completed, Craig Schroeder, HR Generalist II, and Rick Vaughan, CEO, each gave a presentation. Craig presented on the expectation of the summer and summer schedules. Rick presented on the company business units, purpose statement, and again touched on some expectations.

The agronomy, operation, and feed interns then separated and spoke with the respective VP & Management Groups. In these separate meetings, the interns were able to learn the specific expectations, reporting processes, and ask specific questions.

The entire group then regrouped, and Thatcher Block, Director of Safety & Compliance, provided the interns with Safety videos, presentations, and discussions on how to keep safe through the summer. They touched on topics that included Right to Know, Distracted Driving, Reporting Vehicle Accidents, ATV Training, and Forklift Training.

The IAS staff that was present then had lunch with the interns where everyone was able to talk and get to know each other. This was a great opportunity for both Interns and IAS Staff.

After lunch, Thatcher with the assistance of Dan Neenan & Brad Kruse from National Education Center for Agricultural Safety provided classroom discussion and hands on training for using grain rescue equipment. Interns had the opportunity to safely be engulfed chest high in grain while other interns used the rescue tubes to safely remove the engulfed intern. It was a great learning experience for all interns to understand the danger of grain engulfment and the process of rescuing someone.

The orientation day was wrapped up with some pictures, and final remarks. The day allowed the interns to be welcomed into IAS and gave them their first learning experiences of the summer. To Learn more about what the interns would like to learn this summer, please see the rotating pictures below.

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