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Respiratory Prevention

November 1, 2014  (*Administrative Office)


Monticello, IA – Innovative Ag Services Co. (IAS), Respiratory Hazards includes dusts, gases/vapors, and chemicals. Farmers and employees, who work in the agricultural field, need to be aware that these hazards are found in fields, silos, manure pits, insecticides, and animal confinement buildings. Breathing these contaminants can cause Farmer’s Lung, Organic Toxic Dust Syndrome, Silo Filler’s Disease, and Chronic Bronchitis. In the prevention process of these diseases’, it is important to choose the right respirator.


Respirators filter or block harmful respiratory substances. There are different respirators that should be worn for different activities. When purchasing a respirator, make sure that you look for the appropriate coding on the package; this will tell you which substances you will be protected from with that certain respirator. Make sure that no matter which one you choose to buy that: The respirator fits snuggly and that you follow the manufacturer’s directions.


You can purchase Respirators and Filters from general farm supply stores, cooperatives, pharmacies and through the mail.


Reference: “The Do’s and Don’ts of Respiratory Protection”, 2nd edition ppt, Gempler’s, 28 Oct, 2014.

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