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Taiwan Grain Production & Quality Study Team

November 28, 2014  (*Administrative Office)


IAS, Garden City, IA- Ron Barkema, VP of Grain, hosted a Taiwan Grain Production and Quality Study Team in August, 2014. The Taiwan team toured the Garden City grain facilities. IAS employees explained IAS’s grain train shuttle loading procedures along with an explanation of how the grain is sampled and tested. Taiwan stressed the desire of obtaining US corn and the capability of getting that corn from a reliable supplier. The group was comprised of feed mill technicians, livestock/poultry industry leaders and key government officials.

When the group was finished touring the Garden City grain facilities they went on to tour Dennis Friest, (district #5 director on the Iowa Corn Promotion Board and IAS customer) farm. Dennis was also present at the tour at Garden City.

After the tour was completed Ron Barkema received a letter from Clover Chang, Director U.S. Grains Council/Taiwan Office. The letter stated the following:

“On behalf of the Grains Production and Quality Study Team, I want to thank you for receiving this team and the hospitality you extended to us during our recent visit to your company. The visit to your facilities helped the team members gain familiarity with the sampling, grading, testing and unloading of corn into rail cart and the grain handling from country elevator to export elevators. The team members checked the procedure and route of corn being sent back to the silo when the corn is not meeting the specifications and they are satisfied with your operation. This visit was very educational and helpful. The team members mentioned to me that they are confident in buying more corn and DDGS from the U.S.”

Best Regards, Clover

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