About Us

Innovative Ag Services Co. is a full-service farm cooperative, offering a complete line of supplies and services to meet all of your farm needs. We provide value-added products and services to more than 5,000 members in the grain, agronomy, feed, and energy markets. Our 30+ locations are conveniently located throughout northeast and central Iowa, and southwestern Wisconsin.

Our History – Serving You Since 1969

Innovative Ag Services was incorporated in 2005 to ensure that our customers had access to the best products and services available. Since our founding, we have grown in size and territory through multiple mergers and acquisitions. This could not have been achieved without our dedicated employees being the foundation of our success.

The Growth of Innovative Ag Services



  • Ackley Elevator purchased in July.
  • Masonville Location built.

Photo: Grain Bins



Cuba City Feed Mill, Farmers Feed Mill (Hazel Green,WI – Sold 2021), Southwest Supply (Platteville, WI Sold 2019) and Monroe Feed were purchased in September.


Prairie Land Cooperative (Ackley, Alden, Allison, Austinville, Cleves, Ellsworth, Faulkner, Garden City, Geneva, Hubbard, Lawn Hill, Owasa, Steamboat Rock, Union and Williams), unified with IAS in September.
Photo: Cuba City



Innovative Ag Services was formed in July.


Packard Elevator was purchased in August. Sold 2021.


  • Howard County Equity in Elma and Alta Vista unified with IAS in April.
  • United Coop Association in Elkader, Monona and Waukon unified with IAS in September.
  • Big Wapsie Ag Services in Oran and Readlyn was purchased in December.
Photo: Monticello



Farmers Cooperative Exchange in Central City joined.


Andrew Coop in Andrew joined.


SavMor Feed and Grain in Manchester was purchased.


  • Thermogas LP in Preston was purchased. Joined Cenex Swiss Valley Energy in 1998.
  • Swiss Valley Express Convenience Store in Dyersville was built. Joined Cenex Swiss Valley Energy in 1998.
  • Cenex Energy in Dubuque, Edgewood, Marion and Palo was formed. Sold in 2001.


Halford and Sons in Independence and Winthrop was purchased.
Photo: Central City

The Beginning-1979


All Star Coop in Hopkinton and Farmers Mutual Creamery in Monticello joined to form the Swiss Valley Ag Service division.


Farley Location was built


Cascade Location was built


Farmers Mutual Coop Creamery in Center Junction joined. Sold in 2020.
Photo: Hopkinton

Our Purpose Statement, Core Values and Strategies

As our customers continue to grow and evolve, it is essential that your cooperative grows and evolves as well. Our purpose statement, core values and strategies guide us as we provide our customers with the best possible experiences, facilities, products, and services. Our employees embrace our purpose statement, core values and strategies. We hope you do too, as we strive to live these values every day.

Growing Relationships to Maximize Success!®

Five Core Values

Exceptional Customer Service

Employees’ focused on Customer Success

  • Collaborate and consult
  • Verify what we will do
  • Execute
  • Confirm results
  • Measure satisfaction

Provide access to information, expertise, and resources

Build on innovation and technology

Maximize the value of individual operations

Invest in infrastructure that enhances the overall customer experience

Employee Excellence

Take ownership in a safety culture

Engage in training and advancement opportunities to grow personally and professionally

Foster an environment of pride, teamwork, empowerment, accountability and fiscal responsibility

Strive to support work/life balance

Expect open communications

Continuous Improvement

Expand and improve information systems

Continually review operating efficiency

Benchmark performance to ensure long-term sustainability

Research and develop innovations

Ongoing review of strategic plan and goals


Employee: Provide a stable and safe work environment

Owners: Maintain financial stability and equity revolvement through prudent decision making and risk management

Community: Commitment to social responsibility in the communities in which we reside through financial support for activities that align with our purpose and encourage employee involvement

Environment: Encourage environmentally sound decisions. Train employees & customers to monitor, track, & stay in compliance with local, state and federal regulations

Preferred Business Partners

Engage in relationships where both parties are willing to:

  • Be transparent with information
  • Explore ways to extract cost from the channel
  • Work toward common goals
  • Share financial resources

Our Leadership

Our team is led by our Chief Executive Officer and a staff of Vice Presidents who direct and manage each business unit. They lead with empathy for others and proactively find ways to help each employee fulfill our purpose statement.

Board of Directors

Our management team is governed by a Board of Directors who are elected by our members for three-year terms. The Board’s mission is to advise and assist the CEO to provide our members with products and services that best ensure long-range profitability for their operations.

Randy Blake

Bellevue, Iowa

Steve Perry

1st Vice Chairman
New Providence, Iowa

Adam Hill

2nd Vice Chairman
Ellsworth, Iowa

Loren Manternach

Cascade, Iowa

Tim Burrack

Arlington, Iowa

Ryan Collins

Harpers Ferry, Iowa

Paul Cook

Hubbard, Iowa

Stan Norman

New Providence, Iowa

Joe Thraenert

Elma, Iowa

Our Membership

Innovative Ag Services is a cooperative, owned and controlled by the customers who use our products and services every day. We have more than 5,000 members, each of whom has a voice in the direction of the cooperative. Our membership continues to grow because our board of directors and employee team truly believe in Growing Relationships to Maximize Success®.

Benefits of Membership

The benefits of being an IAS member include being empowered to vote for the board of directors who have the responsibility of overseeing the management of IAS operations, as well as any major legal and structural changes to the company. Each member gets an equal vote regardless of the amount of equity they own or how much they patronize the company. In addition, IAS members benefit from the company’s success by sharing in the earnings, based on the amount of business they do with the cooperative.

Apply to Become a Member Today!

Any person (individual, corporation, partnership, joint venture, estate, trust or other entity) who is engaged in the production of agricultural products and who desires to obtain the benefits of Innovative Ag Services may apply to become a member of the cooperative. Membership application is approved by the board of directors.
The cost of membership is $300; however, a payment of $25 is all that is required along with your completed application. The remaining portion of the membership will be paid with subsequent years’ patronage declarations.
To apply, simply send in the completed application form (found below) with your $25 application fee to:

Innovative Ag Services

Attn: Membership
2010 South Main Street
Monticello, IA 52310
Growing Relationships to Maximize Success! ®


Our Social Responsibility

At Innovative Ag Services, we care about our employees and our local communities. Through donations and employee involvement, we support local organizations, schools, FFA chapters, 4-H clubs, fire departments, and various community projects.  We seek to become true partners in the communities where we live and work. We are stewards and partner with:

  • Many local public and private schools for facility advancements, career and industry classroom presentations, and improvements for the education of our youth.
  • Fire Departments and Rescue Organizations for advancements in equipment and to support their daily efforts to keep our communities safe. IAS also supports these organization through donations towards grain rescue tubes and sponsoring training at our locations to prepare for emergency entrapment situations.
  • Food pantries to help fill the shelves and lend a helping hand to people in need.
  • High school FFA chapters through monetary donations, as well as partnering with students to help navigate their career path.
  • 4-H organizations to support the growth and advancement of our youth, and the future of agriculture.
  • Parks and memorials to help improve and support recreational activities and dedications to honored men and women.
  • Organizations to help improve the quality of life in the communities in which we live and work.

If your organization is interested in partnering with Innovative Ag Services, please contact your local IAS location manager. We partner with local organizations to support activities and projects that align with our purpose and encourage employee and community involvement. Innovative Ag Services is your partner in growth! 

For the most recent community involvement projects, check out our News Section.