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Grain Market Commentary

Agronomy Services

Our Agronomy Advisors offer a “Total Farm Solution” to optimize production and maximize profits on your acres. We offer comprehensive seed, nutrition, crop protection strategies and industry leading services to meet the needs of your farming operation. In conjunction with our Leading Edge Trials and accumulated field data, we are able to provide fact-based recommendations that maximize your production potential.


Higher yields begin with matching the best genetics, traits and micronutrients with your soil types, rotations, fertility, and crop management practices. We offer multiple proven brands to help us find seed solutions to maximize each acre’s production.

Crop Production

Our Agronomy Team understands that every field is different and requires a unique solution to reach its full potential. Our Agronomy Advisors are trained to work individually with you, the producer, to plan, implement, and evaluate agronomic solutions for your fields.

Precision Ag

Our wide array of precision products and services allows you to manage your planting and harvest data and every field operation throughout the season for better-informed decisions in your fields.

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