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Maximize Your Full Yield Potential

The responsibility of feeding the world’s growing population rests in the hands of the people we work with every day – our farmers. That’s why Innovative Ag Services is dedicated to helping farmers reach their full yield potential. To make this happen, we must take a step back and understand the unique characteristics of each operation. 

Our Agronomy Advisors offer a “Total Farm Solution” to optimize production and maximize profits on your acres. We offer comprehensive seed, nutrition, and crop protection strategies, as well as industry leading services to meet the needs of your farming operation. In conjunction with our Leading Edge Trials and accumulated field data, we provide fact-based recommendations to maximize your production potential. 

Our agronomy team works diligently to ensure that products and services are applied appropriately, utilizing our professional field service team and industry leading equipment.

From collaborative planning through harvest, trust IAS with your needs for seed, agronomy, precision, and data analysis.  Contact  a knowledgeable Agronomy Advisor in your local area today!



Customized Seed Solutions

Higher yields begin with matching the best genetics, traits and micronutrients with your soil types, rotations, fertility, and crop management practices. The goal of our Agronomy Advisors is to source as much information as possible from our seed partners. Then, with your input, offer the best seed solutions to maximize yield and profitability on your acres. 

We are not brand sensitive; we are genetics and traits sensitive. We look for solutions across multiple proven brands that will maximize each acre’s production. We offer on-demand seed treatment, and we have strategically placed bulk storage facilities to get you seed when you need it. 

Once seed is in the ground using variable-rate prescription maps, we match the right crop protection products and proper crop nutrients to maximize high-yield environments. 

We are your one-stop agronomy destination, providing elite seed products and local expertise to maximize your crop potential from bag to bin! We look forward to customizing solutions through technology and your experience to help manage each field’s potential. 

Meet Our Seed Partners:

Innovative Ag Services works with multiple seed partners to offer you the best genetics and traits to help you Maximize Your Success!

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Crop Production

Our Agronomy Team recommends essential products and services to help maximize profits on every acre. We understand that every field is different and requires a unique solution to reach its full potential. Our Agronomy Advisors are trained to work individually with you, the producer, to plan, implement, and evaluate agronomic solutions for your fields. These Advisors are backed by Certified Custom Applicators and support personnel who coordinate ordering, delivery, application, and billing services.

Plant Food

Let us help you give your crops the best chance to thrive! We offer macro- and micronutrient solutions at all our agronomy locations. Our Agronomy Advisors work with each individual grower to develop recommendations and crop nutrient management plans based upon their field needs and yield goals. 

We offer the following products and services:

  • Crop planning and nutrient management plans
  • Liquid and dry starter fertilizers
  • Crop nutrients including NH3, UAN (28% & 32%), Urea, Phosphorous and Potash
  • Lime (variable rate application)
  • Micronutrients
  • Nitrogen stabilization products\
  • Grid soil sampling
  • Custom fertilizer blending
  • Variable rate custom application
  • Crop nutrient application equipment
  • Custom NH3 application

Crop Protection

Our broad array of crop protection products includes industry-proven herbicides, fungicides, and insecticides. We provide custom application services, including pre- and post-emerge row crop sprayers and access to aerial application services. 

Some products and services we offer include:

  • Bulk and packaged insecticide and herbicide products
  • Crop planning and prepay programs
  • Crop scouting and performance evaluation
  • Record keeping
  • Custom application services (pre-plant, pre-emerge, post emerge and aerial)

Precision Ag Services

Our wide array of precision products and services enhances your Innovative Advanced Solutions experience. This allows you to manage your planting and harvest data and every field operation throughout the season for better-informed decisions in your fields.

Variable Rate Planting

Variable Rate Planting requires a Hydraulic Seed Drive, GPS receiver and a Precision Display such as Ag Leader Integra, Versa or Insight. With these components installed, IAS can build a Variable Rate Planting prescription specific to each of your fields.

Yield Monitoring and Mapping

Yield Monitoring and Mapping is the staple to Precision Management. IAS can utilize yield data from various installed systems such as Ag Leader, John Deere, Case AFS or AGCO Fieldstar. If your combine does not have a pre-installed yield monitoring system, an Innovative Ag Services precision technician can install an Ag Leader kit to fit most every make and model combine.

Variable Rate Application

Flat rate fertilizer application can easily become Variable Rate application when an Ag Leader display becomes the controller of product application. Innovative Ag Services can write the VR Prescription for your system. Kits are available for Liquid Application, Strip Till and Spinner Spreader Applications on your farm.

Nutrient Management

Grid sampling is the foundation of nutrient management. Identifying available nutrients in the soil gives us the ability to address the deficiencies in each field to improve the soil profile. Proper nutrient management can help with budgeting in-field resources and optimizing potential ROI opportunities.


Our commitment to maximizing your operation's success includes supporting its sustainability. If you are currently or are planning to implement reduced or no tillage, cover crops, or other conservation practices, we will connect you to the programs offered to Innovative Ag Services customers.


Innovative Ag Services is partnered with Truterra, LLC. Truterra is a leading sustainability solutions provider, helping farmers access targeted insights to better tailor their management practices and implement new technologies on a field-by-field basis. This platform will gain you access to conservation resources and aid in preparation for ecosystem service market opportunities, such as the carbon credit market. Our Sustainability Team here at IAS is equipped and ready to assist you in gaining the insights and financial incentives to build your soil health. Enroll Now!


We are partners in several watershed projects, spanning from the Cedar River Watershed to Dubuque County Watersheds. Our involvement in these special projects enables our customers to have the leading edge when it comes to support for your conservation efforts. IAS customers farming in these watersheds have the opportunity to receive special incentive money for both in-field management changes as well as installing structural practices on the edge of fields.

Other Conservation Assistance

Here at Innovative Ag Services, we know that you are a good steward of the land you farm. We are here to assist you in your transition to reduced tillage; implementation of cover crops; or addition of waterways, field borders, or other edge-of-field structural practices. We have experience navigating the enrollment process for state and federal financial assistance programs for conservation practice implementation. Reach out to Kayla Bergman, our Sustainability Lead, to learn more!