IAS takes pride in being a leader in marketing alternatives for our grain producers.

As a leader in marketing alternatives and logistics for grain producers, we have proudly grown alongside the American farms we serve. Our knowledgeable, experienced grain team is supported by more than 56 million bushels of storage, one of the largest company-owned hopper fleets in the Midwest, and a diverse end-user program. 

Innovative Ag Services markets grain into river terminals for export, feed mills for animal consumption, rail delivery points for export out of Iowa, along with soy crushing plants and ethanol markets including Pine Lake Corn Processors Ethanol Plant in Steamboat Rock which Innovative Ag Services owns. We also have shuttle loaders on the north-south spine line of the Union Pacific railroad and on the Canadian National railroad to hit many destinations throughout North America, including the Pacific Northwest and Gulf export terminals. 

Our customers farm from 80 to 20,000 acres, and understanding and meeting the needs of such a diverse customer base is our top priority. We offer a complete line of contracts and marketing programs tailor-made for each producer’s farming operation. Learn more about marketing and contracting options by contacting our grain experts or browsing our grain contract glossary below.

Grain Services

Whether on the farm or in the field, Innovative Ag Services can be your hired hand with our fleet of grain hoppers and experienced semi-drivers.

Take advantage of the benefits of using IAS trucks to help manage and supplement your time and labor needs when you need it most. Our grain team is dedicated to getting the job done efficiently, and we offer flexible pick-up schedules to meet our customers’ needs.

Contact your nearest IAS location to see how we can help maximize the success of your grain operation! 

Pine Lake Corn Processors

Iowa ethanol production has increased over the last decade, supporting Iowa’s economy and fueling the growth of the agricultural industry. With the United States looking for more domestically produced fuel, ethanol is the preferred fuel choice for many Midwesterners at the pump. Innovative Ag Services recognizes the importance of renewable energy for our environment and industry, and we own Pine Lake Corn Processors, an ethanol plant in Steamboat Rock.

This 80-million-gallon ethanol facility is located along Highway 20 in northeast Hardin County. It began production in April 2005 and continues to work on improving ethanol yields. The experienced Pine Lake management team and staff is led by CEO James Broghammer , with 35 years of corn processing experience.

IAS originates 26 million bushels of corn for Pine Lake Corn Processors’ use annually. IAS also purchases dried distiller grains with solubles (DDGS) for use at our feed mills. Through innovation and partnerships, Pine Lake and IAS provide domestically produced renewable fuel to our region.

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