2020 IAS Internship

Aug 28, 2020

On May 14th, 2020, Innovative Ag Services (IAS) kicked-off their 2020 Internship Program at the Monticello, IA IAS location. The interns were able to meet their peers and were given a detailed introduction about the IAS history, culture, safety, and job expectations. Although the Coronavirus pandemic impacted how the 2020 Internship Program was originally planned, IAS executed multiple strategies to ensure that the highest quality experience was provided to our interns in the safest way possible.

Throughout the summer, the interns were provided the opportunity to work alongside IAS full-time employees to gain hands-on experience in and around their respective locations. They were also given the responsibility to work independently on projects at the locations as well as interact with our customers in the country.

Innovative Ag Services is proud to recruit talented individuals that will be a good fit for us now and as future leaders in agriculture. IAS is confident in having the capabilities to provide the tools and resources to students to learn the ins and outs of a cooperative, as well as assisting with solidifying their career paths within the agricultural sector. 

To celebrate the success of the internship program, IAS hosted a wrap-up celebration at Three Elms Golf Course in Independence, IA on August 6th, 2020. The event began with a welcome and then proceeded into presentations from the interns sharing their experiences and the skills they have learned throughout the summer. This was then followed by lunch and ending with a fun and lightly competitive game of best-shot golf.   

Innovative Ag Services is pleased to announce the upcoming recruitment plans for the 2021 Internship Program and other employment opportunities. This year, IAS is taking a proactive approach and will be participating in the local 2-year and 4-year college’s virtual career fairs. The first virtual career fair that IAS will be attending will be hosted by The University of Wisconsin-Platteville on September 30th, followed by the Iowa State Career Fair on October 13th and 14th. IAS is thrilled to be able to utilize these virtual platforms with webcam capabilities, PowerPoint presentations, and chat options to be able to maximize the value of the attendee’s experience by educating and getting the attendees excited about the multiple opportunities IAS provides. IAS will also be expanding on how to utilize our own internal resources and virtual platforms to promote experiential learning and available career opportunities at all IAS locations.

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