2021 Summer Internship Program Kickoff!

May 20, 2021

On Thursday, May 13th, 2021, Innovative Ag Services (IAS) kicked off their annual 2021 Summer Internship Program with an orientation day hosted at the Hilton Garden Inn Hotel and Events Center in Cedar Falls, IA. The agenda included an insightful presentation by IAS CEO, Rick Vaughan, who educated them on the cooperative’s structure and strategies, and provided them with valuable resources and expectations to prepare them for a successful summer. During the event, the interns also met with their internship supervisors and mentors, completed human resources onboarding items, and were given in-depth safety and compliance training.

Innovative Ag Services offers multiple internships to talented agricultural students within the area. This year, IAS is offering internships in the Agronomy and Feed departments. These students will be given the opportunity to work alongside our full-time Agronomists and Feed Sales Staff and other employees to gain hands-on experience in and around the IAS locations. They will be given the responsibility to work independently on projects at the locations and will have engaging interaction with IAS customers. One of the most rewarding outcomes about the internship program is that it helps apply what the interns are already learning in textbooks to real-life scenarios. They will obtain resources and tools to excel in the areas that interest them and will receive additional training to prepare them to be leaders in their respective fields. The IAS interns will also have some fun networking with the staff, supervisors, and their peers outside of their daily duties. IAS is committed to recruiting individuals that will be a good fit for us now, and as future leaders. This internship is a great way for agricultural students to learn the day-to-day operations of a cooperative as well as solidify their chosen career path.

We are thrilled to welcome the students who are participating in the Innovative Ag Services 2021 Summer Internship Program across our geography this summer! Pictured above from L to R: Makenna Smith, Callyn Fox, Jackson Vande Vorde, Reese Wallace. Missing from picture: Zach Schutt

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