2022 Beef Feedlot Tour

Aug 30, 2022

The 2022 IAS Summer Feedlot Tour was the best one yet with over 100 participants!

The IAS beef feed team has successfully hosted 25 feedlot tours while employed with Innovative Ag. What started out as a small day trip around eastern Iowa has turned into a two-day, overnight excursion to surrounding states. The IAS feedlot tour has now reached a total of 5 states: Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Missouri, and Nebraska.

Every other year, IAS invites beef customers on a two-day feedlot tour for the opportunity to learn about new feeding practices, cattle health and cattle buildings/facilities. “It’s nice to see the current trends in the industry and catch up with other producers on the trip, “ says Jim Thoma, IAS customer.

This year, over 100 tour participants traveled to eastern Nebraska and western Iowa to see a variety of feedlot operations. Customers got to hear from the producers and learn about practices both working and not working for them.

“I’ve had customers tell me that they were able to make changes just from seeing things on the tour. It makes me happy to see how customers are able to take these ideas home with them,” says Dave Rueber, Beef Production Specialist.

The feedlot tour is both an educational and social event. Customers were able to relax the first night with a delicious meal provided by Zinpro Corporation. This evening social hour gives customers a chance to catch up with any other producers, salesman or company vendors.

“This was my first time attending an IAS summer beef tour as the VP of Feed. IAS is built on a foundation of growing relationships and what better example than what I experienced. Together, with our vendors and exceptional sales team, the tour was a tremendous success,” says Michael Bachman, VP of Feed.

IAS thanks the customers and sponsors for their continued support. Without you, it would be impossible to host the feedlot tours. We would also like to thank all our amazing sponsors for helping us make the tour happen! We look forward to the feedlot tour of 2024. We hope to see you there!

“I would like to thank you for taking the time to join us on our 2022 beef tour. I hope it was beneficial to you and your operation. IAS appreciated your business and is committed to your continued success,” says Bachman.

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