2022 Service Award Recipients!

Jan 24, 2023

Please join me in congratulating our 2022 Service Award Recipients! These employees were recognized over the weekend at our 2023 Employee Appreciation Event. See recipients below:

5 Year Awards:
  • Jodie Ahrendsen - Accountant, Monticello
  • Isaac Ambrosy - Location Manager, Andrew
  • Chris Bousson - Mechanic, Hopkinton
  • Shane Jaeger - Mill Delivery Driver, Hopkinton
  • Jason Kelly - Millworker, Hubbard
  • Jamie Lier - Custom App/Operations, Waukon

10 Year Awards:
  • Denise Deppe - Customer Service, Masonville
  • Carla Elliott - VP of HR, Monticello
  • Phil Garthwaite - Mill Delivery Driver, Cuba City
  • Owen Heetland - Agronomist, Cleves
  • Carrie Kula - Agronomist, Central City
  • Dennis Schmid - Transportation/Custom App, Monticello

15 Year Awards:
  • Bryan Dubberke - Transportation/Energy, Hubbard
  • Zach Fagan - Seed Sales Specialist, Cascade
  • Diane Gardner - Customer Service, Elma
  • John Hammel - Livestock Production Specialist, Elma

20 Year Awards:
  • Tim Krausman - VP of Agronomy, Hubbard
  • Brett Runde - Millworker, Cuba City
  • Gary Uhlenhopp - Transportation/Energy, Hubbard

25 Year Awards:
  • Kevin Babcock - VP of Lumber, Hubbard
  • Skott Gent - Agronomist, Andrew
  • Joe Kafer - Grain Operations, Masonville
  • Delbert Lee - Custom App/Operations, Oran
  • Scott Neil - Custom App/Operations, Oran
  • Dennis Richards - Custom App/Operations, Oran
  • Dave Wilt - Location Manager, Cascade

30 Year Awards:
  • Mike Bachman - VP of Feed, Monticello
  • Chris Balvanz - Location Manager, Cleves
  • Mitch Bockenstedt - Transportation, Masonville
  • Rod Carolus - Transportation, Cleves
  • Tim Kelley - Grain Accounting Manager, Masonville
  • Karla Kramer - Customer Service, Cleves
  • John Schaul - Mill Delivery Driver, Hopkinton
  • Steve Wulfekuhle -Transportation, Masonville

35 Year Awards:
  • Mike Kusserow - Millworker, Hubbard

45 Year Awards:
  • Randy Feldmann - Millworker/Delivery Driver, Hopkinton

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Jan 23, 2024

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Jan 22, 2024

Our staff members are the backbone of our organization, and this past weekend, we celebrated them and their unwavering commitment to our vision. We honored a special group of employees for their service milestones within the company, and we couldn't be prouder of their accomplishments. Congratulations to our 2023 Service Award Recipients! Thank you to everyone who could attend.

Jan 19, 2024

See our upcoming 2024 grain marketing meetings. If you'd like to learn more, please contact us today!