2023 IAS Service Award Recipients

Jan 22, 2024

Our staff members are the backbone of our organization, and this past weekend, we celebrated them and their unwavering commitment to our vision. We honored a special group of employees for their service milestones within the company, and we couldn't be prouder of their accomplishments. Congratulations to our 2023 Service Award Recipients! Thank you to everyone who could attend.

2023 Service Award Recipients
5 Years
Luke Hodnefield
Dwayne Lundtvedt
Kathleen Morel
Brittni Roberts
Adam Rollinger
Jennifer Tjaden
Barry Bieber
Jacob Hand

10 Years
Dustin Haberkorn
Tracey Hartkopp
Troy Wegmann

15 Years
Roger Heying
Dustin White
Nicolas Flores-Zavala
Sheryl Hansel
Kristi Kramer

20 Years
Michael Luhman
Marty Jensen

25 Years
Robert Bjerke
Gerald Ehlers
James Ries
Bruce Skartvedt
Mark Trumm
Dale Jaeger

30 Year Awards
Ed Hertrampf
Randy Swenson
Timothy Vanderloop
Kurt Kreimeyer

35 Years
Melissa Kole-Gummert
Kendall Ringena

50 Years
Brenda Schmitt

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Jan 23, 2024

Are you looking for ways to maximize your crop growth and yield?

Sulfur plays a crucial role in corn's nitrogen use efficiency. Additionally, sulfur deficiency can cause weak or yellow areas in alfalfa fields, particularly over eroded hilltops. Sulfur in the sulfate form is very mobile in the soil, so it benefits from being applied in the early spring season!

To learn more about the benefits of sulfur applications for your fields and to get individual solutions from our agronomists, contact your local IAS today!

Jan 19, 2024

See our upcoming 2024 grain marketing meetings. If you'd like to learn more, please contact us today!

Jan 04, 2024
Did you know that nitrogen stabilizer products have some significant advantages?

Check out some of the ways they can bring value to your next crop:
  • Environmentally friendly (Reduces nitrates in runoff water)
  • Application can be in the fall and/or spring
  • Prevents the loss of nitrogen
  • Increases nitrogen efficiency use by the crop
If you'd like to learn more, reach out to your closest IAS location today!