Rollinger Promoted to Vice President of Business Operations

Jul 10, 2024

Innovative Ag Services (IAS) is pleased to announce the promotion of Adam Rollinger to Vice President of Business Operations on Monday, July 8, 2024. Rollinger earned a business degree from the University of Dubuque and brings nearly 30 years of leadership and project management experience. Before joining IAS in 2018 as a location manager in Monticello, IA, Rollinger worked as a Senior Production Manager for Bodine Electric Company. While at Bodine Electric Company, he led 5S and LEAN projects, oversaw equipment, researched technology, and worked to enhance production efficiency and reduce costs. At IAS, Rollinger quickly advanced to the role of Regional Manager before taking on the Vice President position and joining the executive leadership team.

“It is rewarding to see Adam’s rise from Location Manager to Regional Manager and now to Vice President. Adam’s success and execution in serving our internal IAS team and customers/members have put him in this position,” shared Innovative Ag Services CEO Ken Smith.
As the Vice President of Business Operations, Rollinger oversees multiple teams, ensuring efficient business alignment and achieving IAS’s strategic goals. He also provides collaborative leadership to the teams responsible for IAS's operational activities, including location management, logistics, safety and compliance, maintenance, and capital investments. Rollinger shared, “I’m truly fortunate to be working with a team that is dedicated to the success of IAS. I look forward to expanding my role and responsibilities as we strive to better serve our customers and grow the business.”
Adam Rollinger resides in Cascade, Iowa with his spouse, Traci, for 23 years and their four children: Laura, Allison, Carter, and Evan. He remains an active member of the Cascade FFA alumni.

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